Touraj Daryaee

Touraj Daryaee is the Howard C. Baskerville Professor in the History of Iran and the Persianate World and the Associate Director of the Dr. Samuel M. Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture at the University of California, Irvine. He is the editor of the Name-ye Iran-e Bastan: The International Journal of Ancient Iranian Studies and the creator of Sasanika: The Late Antique Near East Project.

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Cyrus the Great An Ancient Iranian King

Cyrus the Great An Ancient Iranian King front cover

Cyrus is among the most impressive characters in the ancient world. From the Old Testament to Xenophon’s Cyropaedia, ancient texts have made him to an example of tolerance and just kingship. Hailing from a small principality in southwest Iran, he rapidly rose to power, creating a world empire. The five articles included here, along with […]

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Featured Project

Sasanika: Late Antique Near East

Sasanika: Late Antique Near East course image

One of the most remarkable empires of the first millennium CE was that of the Sasanian Persian Empire. Emanating from southern Iran’s Persis region in the third century AD, the Sasanian domain eventually encompassed not only modern day Iran and Iraq, but also the greater part of Central Asia and the Near East, including at […]

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Iranshahr among the Sasanians